Trust Us – Non-Zero-Sum-Game CD

1. Pharaoh
2. Marathon
3. Focus
4. Silverwave
5. Non-Zero-Sum-Game


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Trust us is a new Alternative Post Rock band from Bergen, Norway.

[With Non-Zero-Sum Game, they are entering the music scene with melodic, energetic vocals and guitar melodies accompanied with heavy, sonorous and fuzz-driven riffs. Although it is a new band, the members who make up TRUST US are no strangers to heavy and progressive music: They are all seasoned musicians from the ever so flourishing Bergen scene, and feature past or current members of Ribozyme, Natt, Krakow and Major Parkinson.

Line-up: Drums: Cato Olaisen ( Ribozyme, Ex- Major Parkinson) Bass: Bård Kristinson ( Ribozyme) Guitar/Vocals: René Misje ( Natt, ex-Krakow)

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