Melt Motif – A White Horse Will Take You Home CD


01. Sleep
02. Mine
03. Everything Will Disappear
04. Andalusian Dog
05. Black Hole
06. Blood
07. The City
08. Not What They Seem
09. Random Access Memory


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It’s easy to be fascinated by the sound of Melt Motif. One moment it’s dreamy and cinematic. The next it’s aggressive and industrial. Unpredictable and impossible to label, always taking surprising turns. If you have an open mind and a relaxed approach to genres, you might have found a new favorite band. Melt Motif started as an experiment by Rakel & Kenneth Rasmus Greve. The few who stumbled upon it loved it. So did Apollon Records who signed the band while it still was a secret. Greve searched for the right mixing engineer to develop the sound, and finally teamed up with São Paulo producer and musician, Joe Irente. The collaboration worked smoothly and the common artistic view made it obvious for all parts to make Irente a permanent member of the band. The first singles from the album have been met with great reviews and a growing fan base.

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