DANG! – Sociopathfinder LP

01. Preludium Desperado
02. Long Gone Misery
03. Lockdown Blues
04. Manic Posessive
05. Black Vultures
06. Degenerate (2020)
07. Droned 08. Dang!!!
09. Good Intentions
10. No Way!
11. Nomad’s Land
12. Eight Minutes Till Doomsday


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Norwegian rockers Dang is a seven-headed monster on a mission to create a new world post-pandemic rock n roll order releases their debut album “Socipathfinder”. This weirdness began in mid-March 2020 after Arne Thelin (ex The Kwyet Kings/The Lust-O-Rama, The Cosmic Dropouts) contacted Stu Manx (ex Gluecifer/Order) as the world as we all knew it was entering uncharted territory.Soon joined by organ player extraordinaire Geir Nilsen (ex Russian Amcar Club) and Norway’s best rock ‘n roll drummer Håvard Takle Ohr (Kvelertak, El Cuero).

American Karen Cuda (ex Nashville Pussy/HemiCuda) joined on bass and Håkon Gebhardt (ex Motorpsycho) and Andre Dahlmann ( both guitars and sounds) completed the line-up. Guest stars includes Gregg Kostelich (The Cynics), Lorenzo Moretti (Giuda), Øystein Alsos (ex Senit) and Thomas Eriksen (Mork) all provided guitar parts and last but not least Richard Gjems on some vailing harp.

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