Pymlico – Supermassive LP


1. Breaking Protocol
2. Confusion
3. Clockwork
4. Are We There Yet?
5. Time Out
6. Little Nellie
7. Doppelmayr
8. WTG

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«Supermassive», the 7th studio album by Norwegian prog instrumentalists Pymlico was released on May 20th 2022.

The band keeps on exploring the landscape between progressive rock and fusion. They have clearly found their style and showcase an album filled with catchy hooks, singable melodies, strong grooves and blistering guitar solos. Mixing genres and taking inspiration from a wide array of styles including progressive rock, jazz rock, fusion, AOR and pop has resulted in eight powerful tracks. Produced with meticulous attention to details, the album has a crystal-clear modern sound that truly is supermassive.

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