A Flying Fish – El Pez Que Voló – Act I CD


01. Obertoora
02. Genezees
03. Teezûck
04. Fear Thyself
05. Twin Snails
06. Upon a Star
07. Holy Fruit
08. A He̊-Kuree Dream
09. Mama, Papa!
10. Destiny Calls


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El Pez Que Volo (The Fish who Flew) is a musical quest to unearth the divine gem hidden within oneself. A cartoonish collection of desires, phobias, pathologies and virtues which are funnelled to create an ambivalent moral mishmash of East and West traditions. This zoomorphic, naïve & messianic hero’s journey is infused with a psychedelic aura that invites us to dream the impossible…

Act 1 – “The Nest” introduces Teezûck, the strange son of a bird and a fish who lives depressed in the dark depths of the sea. One magical night he receives a stellar gift: an oneiric vision, a call to face his inner fears and seek his true destiny. Themes such as overprotection, toxic victimhood, altered states, maturity and the flow between divinity & delusion are explored within this eclectic, fantasy-fueled extravaganza.

Music, Orchestration, Recording, Editing and Mix by Râhoola (from Vitam Aeternam).
Produced in Circodenso, Monterrey, Nuevo León, México between August 2014 and November 2022. Mastered in Psicofonia Studio by Charles A. Leal.

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