Laughing Stock – Zero – Acts 1 & 2 CD

01. Welcome
02. When Darkness Comes
03. Nighttime
04. Imaginary Friend
05. School
06. Child
07. Leave Me Alone
08. My Love pt 1
09. My Love pt 2
10. Last Supper
11. Zero
12. Curtain Falls


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Just like their last two albums ‘Sunrise’ and ‘The Island’, ‘Zero’ is a concept album.

Only this time it is more than that – it is a play in four acts. ‘Zero’ contains acts 1 and 2, and later in 2021 the band will release the final acts as ‘Zero, volume 2’.

The play is about a boy who calls himself Zero. He lives with his troubled mother, he faces difficulties at school, and escapes into the realm of video games and social isolation.

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