Pixie Ninja – Hypnagogia CD


1. Thanatosis (Featuring Jørgen Munkeby)
2. Silver Paper Unicorns
3. Pandæmonium
4. Dance Macabre
5. Ora Antarctica
6. Alpha Waves
7. Oneironaut


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Hypnagogia is the third full-length album by the Scandinavian neu-progressive band Pixie Ninja. Yet again fully instrumental, and more ambitious and experimental than ever – Pixie Ninja dives into the different stages of Hypnagogia, which describes the transitional state of consciousness between wakefulness and sleep. With a variety of instruments bigger than ever, this album is a rollercoaster ride into the unknown.

Pixie Ninja has their mind set on blending the old and the new, the vintage and the modern, creating a sound and style so unlike anything you have ever heard before. Mellotron and samples, saxophone and arpeggios, glockenspiel and string-sections, vintage guitars and raw explosive bass is just some of the correlations you can expect from this crucible of an album.

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