Ole Devil & The Spirit Chasers – Apocalypse Blues CD

01. Together for a Moment – Forever Apart
02. Moaning at the Boneyard
03. St. James Infirmary Blues
04. Apocalypse Blues
05. Mouth of Hell
06. Soundwave Surfer
07. Burning with My Love
08. Faustian Deal
09. Long Way Home
10. Huldreleik


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Ole Devil & the Spirit Chasers is a blues inspired rock n roll band from Oslo, Norway.

With a background from the Norwegian black metal scene since the 90 they have a much harsher and honest sound than the typical “white man blues” that you often connect with the genre today. Their second album Apocalypse Blues is packed with 10 smoking doomsday blues tracks about life & death.

Main man Ole Teigen is known from his work with Superlynx, Dødheimsgard, Teigen Munkvold + + +, and the other band members have played with everything from Cumshot, Gothminister, Tsjuder, Narrenwind + + +

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