Melt Motif – Particles. Death Objective CD


01. Broken Floor
02. Full Moon
03. Warrior
04. I’m Gone
05. Where I Want To Die
06. Never/Again
07. Chainsaw
08. Leave It All Behind
09. Abyss
10. Fever


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Melt Motif entered the scene in 2022 with their critically acclaimed first album. A reviewer wrote ‘Melt Motif arrived with a sound all their own’ and the new album will strengthen this claim. Now, less than a year after their debut, the second album is here!

It’s easy to be fascinated by the sound of Melt Motif. One moment it’s dreamy and cinematic. The next it’s aggressive and industrial. Unpredictable and impossible to label, always taking surprising turns. If you have an open mind and a relaxed approach to genres, you might have found a new favorite band.

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