Gebhardt – Geb Heart LP


01. Breakup Breakdown
02. None of This is Mine
03. That Day
04. I Want to Know
05. Monkey Sivert
06. Beautiful Girl
07. Fixing Things
08. The Third Song
09. Distant Stars
10. Please Don’t Go Away

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GEB HEART is the new album from former Motorpsycho drummer Håkon Gebhardt.

Preorder, to be released on September 23th.

Available on CD, regular LP (black), and limited LP (white).

Gebhardt is a one-man band where Gebhardt does almost everything himself: writing, composing, playing guitars, keyboards, banging drums, singing, tweaking vocal harmonies, producing, mixing, cutting loops, and simply messing around. His wife Marì Simonelli joins in on bass and co-writing lyrics to glue his creativity together. These songs will take you into a surrealistic universe of words and rhyme. Welcome to Geb’s universe, Geb’s Heart! It’s Gebism, normalism with a twist.

The LP version contains 10 tracks for a total of 39 minutes and 30 seconds. Geb side: Breakup Breakdown // None of This is Mine // That Day // I Want to Know // Monkey Sivert Heart side: Beautiful Girl // Fixing Things // The Third Song // Distant Stars // Please Don’t Go Away.

The CD is an extended version that contains 14 tracks for a total of 50 minutes and 52 seconds. Bonus tracks: March of the Tortoise // Marìmba Waltz // Marc the Riffer // Title Track.

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