Deathcrush – Megazone CD

1. EGO
2. PushPushPush
3. Deathcrush-Khmer Rich
4. Dumb
5. Filthy Street
6. Bedsit
7. Trust Me
8. Daemon
9. State of the Union


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Debut album from Oslos legendary Deathcrush Neither nostalgic or history-less, MEGAZONE soundtracks the present day mess we’ve made for ourselves.

The name MEGAZONE might be referencing the 90s lazer tag game, or MegaZone23 – the Japanese animated TV-series or its 2000s video game version, to which the Matrix bears strong similarities. Maybe it’s a very Deathcrush way of (lazer-)pointing to Descartes’ Evil Demon, where the perceived world might be a comprehensive illusion created to deceive us. Maybe it is a rally cry.

A status report? Maybe the songs are all questions we should be able to answer by now.

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