35 Tapes – Fabric of Time CD


01. Whistle for the Wind
02. Crawling
03. Art of Falling
04. The Biggest Lie
05. The Fabric of Time


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Norwegian proggers 35 Tapes have hit their peak with their new album Fabric of Time. Combining time-honoured sounds like the Mellotron and analogue synths with modern sensibilities, the album is a cinematic journey through moods, times and places. At times evoking the symphonic grandeur of early King Crimson and Genesis, the group also touches on the melancholy art-rock of groups like Talk Talk or an artist like David Sylvian.

Since several members of the band also have backgrounds in audio engineering, it goes without saying that the album is remarkably audiophile in its presentation, with incredible dynamics ranging from a delicate whisper to roaring blow-outs. And while every musician in the band is a seasoned pro, the focus of the music is not pyrotechnics or virtuosity, but a unified effort to serve the songs and the particular moods evoked on the album.

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