The Lust-O-Rama – Twenty-Six Screams CD

1. (Can’t Do) Another Mistake
2. Yeah!
3. I Want You
4. Been So Long
5. Night Of The Sadist
6. Game Of Love
7. Won’t Be Running
8. That’s Okay
9. I’m Down
10. Trip Me Up
11. In And Out
12. Run From Her
13. I Need To Know
14. (She Left Me) Crying
15. Again And Again
16. Gotta Be Loved
17. Trasher


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The Lust-O-Rama were treading murky grungy waters during their existence. Formed optimistically in September 1989 and going out with a rather underwhelming and a quite embarrassing reputation in July 1992 after a string of singles, EP’s and compilation tracks on various labels around the world… and this album. Twenty-Six Screams, originally released by Skyclad Records in the US in 1991, is the pinnacle of Norwegian (did I hear European?) neo-sixties garage rock in the early 90s. A bauta in every sense of the genre. The Lust-O-Rama had close to it all… great songs, the sound, good looks, humble attitude, but nothing more. No management, no record company, no nothing. Just a bunch of guys playing the kind of music they loved. A few years later they would have been at the forefront of the new garage rock scene with the likes of The Hives. But history is a bastard, you hit it or you don’t. They didn’t, but thirty years on you can decide why they didn’t with this re-mastered edition of Twenty-Six Screams.

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