MesaVerde – KY CD


01. Dreamers
02. Smile
03. Like You Used To
04. Grace
05. In Time
06.The First to Have Noticed
07. What Jimmy Said
08.The Way I Want
09. End Cue
10. Soon 11. Things Will Never Get Better
12. Big Fish


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Mount Fuji towers over Norwegian forests.

At the top, the lovechild of Led Zeppelin and Tame Impala brews up a colorful progrock storm. Get ready to ride the whirlwind of a debut album from MesaVerde! The quartet consists of experienced musicians with everything from stadium concerts in Hong Kong, dusty British rock clubs, to the National Theater among their merits.

Jørgen Apeness (Sauropod, Thea & The Wild, Lazy Queen), Lars Fremmerlid (Bugge Wesseltoft, Einar Stray Orchestra), Henrik Schmidt (Synne Sanden, Shimmering) have headhunted the shooting star Jonas Lundekvam as vocalist and lyricist. The debut album KY (the Japanese term for not being able to read the room) is a journey for the listener.

The record spans from dreamy, atmospheric soundscapes to playful, fast-paced, virtuos sections. The lyrics tackle the prejudiced stories we tell each other. Our limited worldviews. But KY is not a dystopian document, but a tribute to those who free us from chaos to truth and an open mind.

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