Frode Fivel – All You See LP


01. Goat Simulator
02. Straight Line
03. Bus Stop Blues
04. Don´t Rock the Boat
05. Don´t Rock the Boat II
06. Ok
07. Human
08. Caught up in a Smile
09. Orbit of You
10. Alien Song
11. Phony
12. Station Wagon


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Short tunes, long tunes, cosmic breaks. Melodies from the West. Spirits from the East. Frode Fivel and the band have kept it going.

These are meritorious musicians from Fredrikstad’s music scene, bottled up at Oslo’s Last Train and So What before they turned their noses home. Magnus Abelsen (guitar), Fredrik Brarud (drums), André Helle (bass) and Knut Olsen (keyboards). The band members have backgrounds from Ricochets, Tommy Tokyo and Starving For My Gravy, Navigators, Remington super 60 and more. Frode has also been a creative force in several other band constellations. First, Gothenburg based the indie-pop band Hello Goodbye, and since then Fivel has collaborated with, among others, Knut Schreiner in the band Mirror Lakes.

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